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Whether it's pebble dash or facias and soffits, our expertise extends to all aspects of exterior painting work. We prioritize thorough preparation and restoration, addressing cracks in render with metal stitching rods and durable filler. Our meticulous approach ensures long-lasting results, preventing recurring issues for months to come.

External Painting

We utilise the Repaircare resin filler system to restore deteriorated wood, addressing damage in items like doors and windows. For uneven and damaged masonry walls, we employ Toupret masonry filler during the restoration process. Following meticulous preparation, our commitment to excellence extends to the use of premium paints. We opt for Weathertex for masonry walls, ensuring durability in challenging weather conditions. When it comes to woodwork, we exclusively apply Flexible Wood Coatings, guaranteeing a resilient finish that withstands the rigors of changing seasons without the risk of cracking.

external painting 2.HEIC
external painting 1.HEIC

When delivering our quotations, we incorporate the cost of all necessary access equipment, be it scaffolding or cherry pickers. This comprehensive approach alleviates the hassle of coordinating multiple quotes. Our team is proficient in the use of various access equipment and holds IPAF licenses, ensuring the safe operation of cherry pickers, boom lifts, and more. Additionally, they are CSCS registered. For added peace of mind, our extensive public liability insurance through Simply Business covers any accidental property damage in the unlikely event of mishaps.

Given the limited timeframe for exterior projects in the UK, we recommend securing your booking well in advance to avoid any potential disappointments.

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